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Designing questions for internal team surveys

Nikita Dagar
Digital Green, India

Software Engineer (ICT in Agriculture)

Conducting a survey within our video management and software team with the Question Ladder tool


Digital green uses ICT to curate and share best practices (in the form of videos created by agriculturists) among rural farmers in India. The databases of these farming videos are created by our internal teams and their management is the most critical part of our work. Currently we use an internally developed technology for video management, that is not very user friendly and intensive on time and effort. We were trying to design an internal survey through which we wanted to know the problems currently faced by our staff in using the current tools.


Why we used the tool

We used the Question Ladder tool because we wanted to construct some very specific questions as a warm-up and then move to open ended questions that would be complex but more revealing. The responses to this activity would help the software team understand how to make the internal video management activity more effective and efficient.


How we used the tool

We used this framework in the worksheet to design questions for an internal survey that we issued to internal programme teams to assess their process of entering data, uploading videos and mapping them. It worked very well because it was straightforward and we were able to design the questionnaire at many different levels of complexity which we found opened up our line of questioning.


Results of using the tool

We were able to design our survey in a more structured manner.

Some example questions that we constructed are:

  • Why is it important, or not important, for Digital Green to have a copy of all videos?
  • In the future, who might want to create collections on our website?
  • Is it likely that someone might forget to link an uploaded video’s YouTube ID in COCO?

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