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Evidence Planning to ‘Stretch your Thinking’

Leila Sadiku
UNDP Kosovo

Project manager: social media for innovative local empowerment

Tool Worksheet Image for Evidence Planning


We are looking to scope Community Design Centres that adopt crowd-funding mechanisms to support citizen led initiatives. This system would involve :

  1. Citizen body proposals for community development being registered on a central crowd-funding site.
  2. Mobilising architecture and design students with members of the municipality government to design a product or solution in partnership, post funding.


Why we used the tool

This project is currently at an early concept stage and we are trying to recruit members of our target audience. We wanted to stretch our thinking to look at and test our idea from a different perspective.


How we used the tool

We presented the project and its objectives to a group of 60-70 people at the Department for Design, Public University in Pristina. It was a big group and we wanted to capture as much feedback as possible. The students that attended the workshop deliberated what this project could mean for their local community and we were able to get some really  important inputs from our key stakeholders.


Results of using the tool

Thanks to this activity, our team has initiated significant momentum for the project This exercise was very useful in two aspects:

  1. It helped us identify triggers for ensuring engagement with different community members (for example, art students are more interested in projects related to aesthetics).
  2. It emphasised the need for a well designed process for engagement. This is extremely crucial when you are asking people to spare pro-bono time and effort.


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