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Value mapping tool for ‘Change management’

Subbanaicker Krishnaswamy
FHI 360, India

Team Leader (Public Health, Nutrition and WASH)

A snapshot of value mapping tool filled by our team


I lead a team of professionals providing Technical Assistance and Support to the Govt of Madhya Pradesh covering the thematic areas of health, nutrition and WASH (Water, sanitation and hygiene). I feel that there are several critical issues that come in the way of effective and efficient management of service delivery, often pushing the actual goal of social development to the background. Broadly classified into two categories – individual and organisational, these issues can be notions of governance, human resource and organisational development. One of the problems we face is the resistance to change, and how the organisation is used to the ‘status quo’.


Why / How we used the tool

I used the Value Mapping tool for identifying core values at the individual and organisational level that can bring a much wanted change in the way the whole system operates. The idea was to try out ‘change management’ in the system so that the resources are used productively to deliver services like basic health, nutrition and sanitation to the people we cater to.

My team drew up an annual work plan covering human resource and organisational development dimensions. Compartmentalising these values into four neat boxes is easier said than done, but in reality they all overlap both at the individual and organisational level. These values change with the personalities occupying the positions at the policy making level and the professionalism of the individual players who are responsible for driving the change.


Results of using the tool

After the exercise, the outputs were shared with the government (who we work very closely with) and we are initiating a buy in from their side.

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