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DIY in print

image of DIY toolkit book

We launched the DIY toolkit in March 2014 and the response has been overwhelming. The website has received nearly 180,000 views to date and there is no sign of that enthusiasm fading. This highlights a great deal of demand for easy-to-use practical tools and templates that support a broad spectrum of people’s everyday work.


There are a number of reasons why the DIY toolkit has hit the mark: practical worksheets, applied case studies, framed by user need etc. I suspect that one of the main reasons is likely to be because it’s freely available online.


That’s great. It has always been a guiding principle for us to provide free and useful learning materials that help people to become better innovators, and for that purchase tramadol online canada content and learning to spread widely.


But in the Twitter age there is surely still a place for the printed word. A report last year found that 62% of sixteen to 24-year-olds actually prefer printed, physical products to digital content. There is something about a book that encourages the reader to focus and reflect. It provides context.


This week we are pleased to launch the limited print edition of DIY available for purchase from Amazon. It contains all the tools and their descriptions, case studies and background information for further reading. We intend this version of the toolkit to be a keepsake, a reference for you to return to time and time again. We hope you enjoy it.


(5 months until Christmas).



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