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Driving innovation through new partnerships and knowledge exchange – by Innoweave

When you’re working to make an impact and change the world, the pressure never lets up.


Opportunities to help keep cropping up even as funding dwindles, and it can be hard to make decisions that are active instead of reactive. That’s why it’s more important than ever to find powerful and targeted tools to help your organisation do what it does better, faster and with fewer resources.


Innoweave, an initiative of the J.W. McConnell Family Generation and Social Innovation Generation (SiG), helps community organisations access and implement “Practical Tools for Social Innovation”. Its goal is to help successful community leaders generate greater impact, more quickly, and at less cost.

Working with leading Canadian practitioners across the community, philanthropic, private and public sectors, the Innoweave programme has developed a platform based on 9 modules:


Innoweave Modules.png


Each module has a series of information, webinars, self-assessments, workshops, coaching, and grants to help organisations learn about, develop and implement new approaches over six months to two years.


Innoweave Process.png


Over the past 18 months, Innoweave workshops, webinars and web tools have been accessed by thousands of people and helped hundreds of organisations clarify their goals and work buy generic tramadol online towards greater impact. Through this process, Innoweave has noticed a complementary need for more discrete tools that can provide organisations with a mechanism to rapidly conceptualise a challenge, and develop a roadmap for action. We have been thrilled to see a fantastic set of tools in the Nesta DIY toolkit!


Over the next 18 months, Innoweave will be working with Nesta to build on the DIY tools and link them directly into Innoweave’s modules.


For a nonprofit looking to…


• Start a Social Enterprise….

– This might mean accessing the Business Model Canvas or Value Mapping tools.

• Work with other groups to form a Collective Impact initiative…

– The Building Partnerships and Target Group tools could provide guidance.


Innoweave’s network of over 100 coaches will also take these tools forward to support the organisations working across Canada. Together, we believe these tools will help drive the continuous culture of social innovation Innoweave and its partners are working to build.


Innoweave is an initiative of The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation and Social Innovation Generation. To learn more about the program, visit our website, follow us on Twitter, or subscribe to our newsletter.


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