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The Innovation Mindset Challenge from Project Innovation

A woodworker

“A bad workman blames his tools”. We all know the saying.


Yes, having the tools is important. You need them to get started. But you need much more to know why, when and how to use them effectively.


This principle holds for the DIY Toolkit. We know that tools won’t automatically turn people into master innovators. Tools and templates can only go so far. Just as important are the competencies, attitudes and mindsets that enable a deeper understanding of the task of innovation. Like master craftsmen with their tools, or sushi chefs with their knives, the correct mindset will help you to know what tool to use when and how (and when to put tools aside and do something completely different).


This is why we are pleased to support the work of Project Innovation.


Project Innovation’s Social Innovation Toolkit is dedicated to helping order tramadol in the us organisations develop an ‘innovation mindset’ as a foundation for the important practical skills that toolkits like DIY provide.


We’re really excited to be supporting Project Innovation’s new Innovation Mindset Challenge. The challenge is open to individuals and organisations around the world who can tell a compelling story about how they have used an ‘innovation mindset’ to make change within an organisation or the community. It’s likely that this involves things that are being done already – thinking deeply, shifting ways of working, redefining impact.


Two semi-finalists will receive $1,500 each, and the Grand Prize Winner will get $2,500 as well as a professionally-made short profile film about their organisation and story.


The competition is open now through to August 15th 2014. For more information visit the Project Innovation website.
Photo Credit: Mark Heard via Compfight cc

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