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    Target Group

    Tool Worksheet Image for Target Group

      How to gain better insight into the groups of people you want to cater to, and the kind of needs they have, is a fundamental question for every project or organisation. The Target Group tool is a quick and … Continued

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    Tool Worksheet Image for Personas

      Personas are portraits of fictional but realistic individuals that are used as a common reference point to describe particular groups in your intended audience. Personas are created by drawing together the characteristics of similar people – their behaviours, motivations and … Continued

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    Experience Map

    Tool Worksheet Image for Experience Map

      The Experience Map allows you to see your work through the eyes of the people receiving, benefitting or even funding it. It lays out the different routes and points at which these people become aware of, connect with, and … Continued

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    Marketing Mix

    Tool Worksheet Image for Marketing Mix

      ‘Marketing’ what you do doesn’t have to mean selling it. The Marketing Mix will help you do this, if that’s your goal, but it’s also useful for defining the different ways in which people might form opinions about your … Continued

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    Question Ladder

    Tool Worksheet Image for Question ladder

      How do you know the right question to ask? Sometimes reaching the right answer means thinking more about the kind of questions you’re asking. It might sound simple, but focusing on what you’re asking someone is essential for reaching … Continued

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    Tool Worksheet Image for Storyworld

      Qualitative data collected through interviews and observations can be incredibly rich. A structured way of documenting this during the analysis and for communication is very important. The Storyworld tool provides a useful way to highlight the most relevant insights … Continued

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    Creating design-based community solutions

    UK-based community programme Transformed by You adopted a range of tools to uncover issues and opportunities, articulate needs, prototype ideas and design solutions.