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    SWOT Analysis

    Tool Worksheet Image for Swot Analysis

      SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. A SWOT analysis can be carried out for a specific project, organisation or even a whole sector. This analysis leads to a richer understanding of what the project or organisation can … Continued

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    Problem Definition

    Tool Worksheet Image for Problem Definition

      Defining a problem is a deceptively simple task – what at first seems to be the problem is often merely a symptom of a deeper problem. The Problem Definition tool works to both open a problem up – presenting … Continued

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    Causes Diagram

      What is the root cause of a problem? Often there isn’t one simple answer. The bigger the problem, the more likely it is that the roots will be widespread, and mapping out the causes can quickly get out of … Continued

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    Target Group

    Tool Worksheet Image for Target Group

      How to gain better insight into the groups of people you want to cater to, and the kind of needs they have, is a fundamental question for every project or organisation. The Target Group tool is a quick and … Continued

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    Tool Worksheet Image for Personas

      Personas are portraits of fictional but realistic individuals that are used as a common reference point to describe particular groups in your intended audience. Personas are created by drawing together the characteristics of similar people – their behaviours, motivations and … Continued

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    Fast Idea Generator

    Tool Worksheet Image for Fast idea Generator

      This tool allows a team to generate ideas by looking at a problem or opportunity from a range of perspectives. This helps come up with new ideas for potential solutions, and also strengthens current offerings, as it challenges it from … Continued

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    Value Mapping

    Worksheet Image for Value Mapping Tool

      What makes you do what you do? The Value Mapping tool helps you answer this by enabling you to describe the values which are embodied in your personal work and in the wider organisation. These values are probably more … Continued

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    Experience Map

    Tool Worksheet Image for Experience Map

      The Experience Map allows you to see your work through the eyes of the people receiving, benefitting or even funding it. It lays out the different routes and points at which these people become aware of, connect with, and … Continued

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    Innovation Flowchart

    Worksheet Image for Innovation Flowchart tool

      The Innovation Flowchart gives a detailed overview of the various stages in an innovation process, listing the activities, requirements and goals of each stage. These include an overview of the different people, skills, activities and finances that a project … Continued