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    DIY Toolkit now available in Spanish

    As well as English and Mandarin, the DIY Toolkit is now available to download in Spanish. We’ve also launched a new Spanish language version of the website, and have more translations on the way.

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    Business Model Canvas

      The Business Model Canvas is a one page overview that lays out both what you do (or want to do), and how you go about doing it; enabling structured conversations around management and strategy by laying out the crucial … Continued

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    Experience Tour

    Worksheet Image for Experience Tour Image

      Going on an Experience Tour means immersing yourself totally in a particular environment so you can gain a first-hand perspective of the situation or context. Experience Tours can help ‘ground’ your thinking; they give you a clear perspective for … Continued

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    Causes Diagram

      What is the root cause of a problem? Often there isn’t one simple answer. The bigger the problem, the more likely it is that the roots will be widespread, and mapping out the causes can quickly get out of … Continued

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    People Shadowing

    Tool Worksheet for People Shadowing

      People Shadowing as the name suggests, means becoming someone’s shadow for a while. Following someone, or a group of people, as they live their everyday life, or go about their daily work helps to understand the environment they are part of. … Continued

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    Interview Guide

    Tool Worksheet Image for Interview Guide

      The easiest way to understand a person is to speak to them. Interviews are a way to connect with people; an opportunity to hear them describe their experiences in their own words. Speaking to people about their everyday lives … Continued

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    Fast Idea Generator

    Tool Worksheet Image for Fast idea Generator

      This tool allows a team to generate ideas by looking at a problem or opportunity from a range of perspectives. This helps come up with new ideas for potential solutions, and also strengthens current offerings, as it challenges it from … Continued

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    Improvement Triggers

    Tool Worksheet Image for Improvement Triggers

      Improvement Triggers provides a collection of questions which can be used to help you look at your work a bit differently. Inspired by the tool ‘SCAMPER’ (Eberle B. 1997), these questions are designed to provoke you into new ways … Continued

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    Question Ladder

    Tool Worksheet Image for Question ladder

      How do you know the right question to ask? Sometimes reaching the right answer means thinking more about the kind of questions you’re asking. It might sound simple, but focusing on what you’re asking someone is essential for reaching … Continued