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    Business Model Canvas

      The Business Model Canvas is a one page overview that lays out both what you do (or want to do), and how you go about doing it; enabling structured conversations around management and strategy by laying out the crucial … Continued

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    Marketing Mix

    Tool Worksheet Image for Marketing Mix

      ‘Marketing’ what you do doesn’t have to mean selling it. The Marketing Mix will help you do this, if that’s your goal, but it’s also useful for defining the different ways in which people might form opinions about your … Continued

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    Business Plan

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      A Business Plan is just that: a structured description of how you do what you do. The plan needs to articulate the problem the business proposes to solve, a vision for how that will be accomplished, and what uniquely … Continued

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    Scaling Plan

    Tool Worksheet Image for Scaling Plan

      Once a project or pilot has been successfully implemented, the next step is to build upon this success by sustaining and growing it further. Essentially this means extending the reach of your work to a bigger population. There are … Continued

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    Evidence Planning

    Tool Worksheet Image for Evidence Planning

      Why do you do what you do? The Evidence Planning tool is a quick way to help articulate and improve what you are trying to accomplish. It gives you an easy way to define and share what it is … Continued

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    Theory of Change

    Tool Worksheet Image for Theory of Change

      Setting up a Theory of Change is like making a roadmap that outlines the steps by which you plan to achieve your goal. It helps you define whether your work is contributing towards achieving the impact you envision, and … Continued