I want to sustain and implement by executing my plan without being overwhelmed.

Critical Tasks List


INSPIRED BY : Nesta (2009) Worksheet 4b: Critical Marketing Tasks. In: Creative Enterprise Toolkit.

Level of Involvement

Requires some dialogue with colleagues/peers. Plan for some time to interact and fill out in collaboration over a day maybe.

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What is it & why should I do it?


The Critical Tasks List is a way to ensure that what you set out to do is actually possible with the timeframe and budget you have available. This is useful when working alone, but becomes even more important when you need to focus and align your work with others. The list provides a common reference point which everyone can use to keep track of how things are progressing. This enables you to manage your projects by focusing on the tasks at hand.


It’s a simple thing to do – and taking the time to do it can really help when you’re in danger of being overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done, or worried about how exactly an idea is going to be implemented. When your work starts to grow, and tasks start being shared amongst a large group of people, you may want to shift to a more dynamic and professional project management tool. The Critical Task list is a first step to develop a routine in organising your ongoing work.

How do I use it?

Critical Tasks List-htu

List all the activities to be carried out, together with who they are assigned to, the budget available, the deadline for completion and the process for final sign off.


Don’t fear specificity.  Deliberate the activity with the people assigned to it and add in as much detail as possible. You can also break up specific roles people play to perform a specific activity.


You should regularly monitor and review the progress of your critical tasks, both in terms of staff resources and budgets. Any deviation from the plan should be acted upon or agreed and amended.


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  1. robert richard

    the redwood grove

    User Rating: 4

    love the design


  2. Denice Ryan

    Ambergris Caye Elementary School

    User Rating: 4

    Used this tool when working with the Student Council setting their goal for the school year. Helped by giving them a visual on how worked was being delegated and an easy tool for follow-up purposes.


  3. Esu Anahata

    The BARKA Foundation

    User Rating: 3

    The critical tasks list helped to organization an action plan, distribute tasks to different staffers, and create firm deadlines that were clear to all. This was helpful and used in our weekly planning meetings.


  4. Viviana Tenenbaum

    Sumando Manos Foundation

    User Rating: 5

    The critical task List is a very useful and practical tool. I’m usually overwelm with different projects and even though I use other methods to control performance, this definitely will help with the whole process, not just for the work we do in our foundation but for my regular job, too.


  5. Bonnie Robins

    Lewisboro Land Trust

    User Rating: 1

    Interesting way of keeeping tract of important tasks and prioritizing.


  6. Ahmed Al-Qadhi

    Support Yemeni Society Organization for Development SYS

    User Rating: 3

    I got new ideas and information about Critical Task List. Thank you so much


  7. magdalene amujal

    Kulika Uganda

    User Rating: 1

    I love the tool, its already included on my monitoring tools, thanks for developing it