I want to look ahead by defining the outcomes from my work.

Evidence Planning


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INSPIRED BY : Nesta (2009) Worksheet 2b: Evidence Modelling. In: Creative Enterprise Toolkit

Level of Involvement

Requires some dialogue with colleagues/peers. Plan for some time to interact and fill out in collaboration over a day maybe.

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What is it & why should I do it?


Why do you do what you do? The Evidence Planning tool is a quick way to help articulate and improve what you are trying to accomplish. It gives you an easy way to define and share what it is that you’re trying to do, and the assumptions and evidence upon which this is based. By making you think more broadly about your work’s effect on target beneficiaries, society, other activities and organisations, Evidence Planning helps you construct an evidence-based case for the impact you want to have.


The Evidence Planning tool provides a structured way to project the effects of your activities onto the future. This will help you reflect on what you may want to change or retain. This tool also helps to highlight at an early stage any potential problems or easy to make mistakes.

How do I use it?

How to Use infographic for evidence planning tool

Start by filling out the key focus for your work or organisation in the middle of the worksheet. Then use the questions in the four quadrants to reflect on what your key focus enhances, replaces or even limits. Think of changes that your work would make in the sector, on other public and private bodies, as well as the effect it would have on the society. This offers you a mirror to consider the impact your work may have.


Look at the key aspects from diverse points of view. While filling out the four quadrants think of :

• The wider world. (Think as big as possible.)

• Your particular field or area of interest. (e.g. How it might impact current practices)

• Your beneficiaries (What benefits will it bring them?)

• Yourself (What impact could it have on your work/life?)

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Latest User Experience

  1. Diana Rae Lewis

    Chicuchas Wasi nonprofit

    User Rating: 5

    Our nonprofit has recently formed a junior board team to work with the entire senior board around Marketing, our Brand that includes redefining our thoughts and words to better describe what CW is about and what our impact is. We used a similar form to this and also swat to ID areas of strength and weakness. We all agreed that our aim is for the empowerment of the female globally, by acting locally to provide quality education to poor indigenous girls denied education. Quality of life for them and their families will improve when self-confidence and self-esteem are present and with the hope of a future free of poverty and oppression. Strong, confident girls and women who speak with the strength of knowledge are less likely to be taken advantage of.

    Bold empowered women, educated and prepared to be leaders are strong and courageous and could enrage the male status quo as they change the way their society and culture views women. Male dominant societies have planned this female oppression for eons and continue it today and some will become violent against women who seek to have equality and opportunity. We are seeing exactly this today in the news daily.


  2. Shweta Chari


    User Rating: 4

    Its a very useful method to gauge the outcome of our work. It has helped us assess our impact and thus improve the way we approach our work on the field. Thank you for this superb tool!


  3. Thina Hlophe

    Starfish Greathearts Foundation

    User Rating: 5

    Thank you for providing us with a platform to not only fund-raise, but also raise awareness for our organisation and actively connect with our donors.


  4. Oyaifo Kashetu

    International Society for Peace and Safety

    User Rating: 1

    This is a transformation course that open a new way of looking at things……… good for all businesses


  5. fouzia

    Education, Awareness and Community Health

    User Rating: 4

    This idea showing you a way how to implement your project in society. Great


  6. selina

    Benevolent Life Change

    User Rating: 5

    Wow, this whole course has given me the excitement to want to build my plan. As a creative, this model helps understand the vision and pulls the idea out so it is easier to transfer onto paper. Thank you so much for creating something that has made my life so much easier and also one easier step closer to changing another person’s life as a result. It is easy to use and very creative friendly.


  7. Freddy Arráez


    User Rating: 5

    Uds son excelentes con este kit de herramientas que ofrecen. Los felicito. Trabajo en el área de planificación por casi 40 años y no había encontrado un conjunto de herraientas tan pertinentes y orientadoras como estas.