I want to test and improve by understanding what is most effective in my work.

Improvement Triggers


INSPIRED BY : Eberle, B (1997) Scamper Worksheet. USA: Prufrock Press.

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Fairly simple, self administered tool, needs relatively less time.

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What is it & why should I do it?


Improvement Triggers provides a collection of questions which can be used to help you look at your work a bit differently. Inspired by the tool ‘SCAMPER’ (Eberle B. 1997), these questions are designed to provoke you into new ways of thinking, and are structured in a way that lets you approach either your existing offering or a potential new solution you are developing from a number of directions. This is a great way to make your work stronger, working especially well in areas where lots of competing solutions are already available.


The questions in this tool assume that anything new is a modification of something that already exists. This might not always be strictly true, but approaching your work from this perspective can very be useful when you’re trying to articulate how what you’re doing is different from anyone else (or how it builds on what’s gone before).

How do I use it?

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Each of the questions on the worksheet should give a slightly different perspective on your work. Note your answers in the space provided, but try to keep it brief – the idea is to end up with something that will give you a concise overview of how your work is different, and how you could potentially improve it.


The questions on this worksheet are just examples to trigger your thinking. Many other questions may be relevant as well. The key is to use the seven categories of questions to provoke your thoughts on potential improvements.

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Latest User Experience

  1. Lauren

    User Rating: 5

    I send out a weekly literacy email to parents to empower them to build vocabulary and read from birth. I cannot wait to use these questions to improve the relevance of this service. I appreciate the specific range of questions offered in this download.


  2. Linda James

    Health Volunteers Overseas

    User Rating: 2

    I want to develop a grant template of information that we can use to more easily submit proposals for funding.


  3. Vicki Allen Penwell

    Mercy In Action Vineyard, Inc

    User Rating: 5

    Excellent worksheet