I want to sustain and implement by better engaging people that can benefit from my work.

Marketing Mix


INSPIRED BY : Nesta (2009) Worksheet 4a: Marketing Mix. In: Creative Enterprise Toolkit.

Level of Involvement

Requires some dialogue with colleagues/peers. Plan for some time to interact and fill out in collaboration over a day maybe.

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What is it & why should I do it?


‘Marketing’ what you do doesn’t have to mean selling it. The Marketing Mix will help you do this, if that’s your goal, but it’s also useful for defining the different ways in which people might form opinions about your work – as well as highlighting opportunities for influencing this process. This is a key tool to help you get buy-in from stakeholders for your project.


The Marketing Mix worksheet is structured to help you examine your work from the perspective of your beneficiaries. The elements involved all somehow influence the judgements people might make about what you do, helping you understand better those areas which may need attention when trying to achieve real impact. The Marketing Mix can be useful for determining how you trigger the people you’re working with, to engage with what you’re trying to do.

How do I use it?

Marketing mix-htu

Don’t think of the Marketing Mix only as a commercial activity. Look at it as an opportunity to reflect on your work from the experience of a beneficiary.


This tool helps clarify their needs and experiences and helps to think of how to improve your current or future offering.


You can start filling out the different boxes in the worksheet in no particular order. Just go through each section and adapt your answers until you feel they sufficiently answer the questions posed.

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  1. Md.Daud Hossain

    Bangladesh Shamajik Agragati Sangstha

    User Rating: 4

    Marketing Mix helps to gather organizational competitive tools in front of the audience so that organization can reach their ultimate goal.


  2. magdalene amujal

    Kulika Uganda

    User Rating: 2

    Again, this is another good tool. we currently carrying out strategic review., very useful for collecting information from beneficiaries. we have used this before but this one is more elaborate