I want to know the people I'm working with by better defining who I am trying to reach.

Target Group


INSPIRED BY : Nesta (2009) Worksheet 3a: Your Customers. In: Creative Enterprise Toolkit.

Level of Involvement

More complex tool that should ideally be done over a few days. Given the strategic nature of the inputs/outputs, this needs consultations with seniors, peers and ideally needs to be revised after a first pass.

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What is it & why should I do it?


How to gain better insight into the groups of people you want to cater to, and the kind of needs they have, is a fundamental question for every project or organisation. The Target Group tool is a quick and easy way to work out an overview and develop an understanding of the different people your work might reach, and the resources you need to do so.


This tool is probably best used when you are trying to work out some initial ideas about who you want to cater to, and why. It is also a nice and effective way to share this information with others.


How do I use it?

Target Group-htu

Fill out the worksheet by considering what the needs are of the type of people or organisations you are catering to. Continue with adding notes to describe the potential groups that may be interested in your work, or who may benefit from it. Also try to think about other people or organisations who might also benefit from, or have interests/needs that can be connected to your work. These could be different from your customers.


You can fill out different worksheets for different groups. By using this worksheet you can build a picture of the potential groups of beneficiaries. Do try to also fill out the more exact fields at the bottom. This will help you to get a more concrete sense of the figures involved.


It is useful to add names or brief descriptors for each of the beneficiary groups. If you don’t have a name already, think of one that represents the group in a useful way for your organisation. Naming these groups makes it more easy to discuss with your team or other stakeholders. You can do this informally, for instance with friends or colleagues. You can also do it more formally, as part of a meeting with partners or investors. Ideally you could also talk to your customers and other beneficiaries who are in contact with your work, so you can check your assumptions.




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  1. rakesh mishra

    pawansut servangin vikas kendra

    User Rating: 5

    we learn and find its a very good tools for our organization



    Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India (BPNI)

    User Rating: 3

    This tool is useful in identifying different target groups of our various nature of works at various levels.
    When with mother at the community level it will help identifying opinion leaders. Quite useful


  3. Sharadha de Saram

    The Sunshine Charity

    User Rating: 2

    The Target Group toolkit is a kit we can use for our organization to find out our target audience, who we are working with etc.,


  4. KASAJJA Patrick

    NSAWO church of Uganda primary school

    User Rating: 1

    My target group helps an individual to get a clear picture of the different groups of people one would like to care to and to identity the benefits that will be got by these groups of people out of such services(short term and long term benefits).
    It also aids one to know their needs and what he/she is doing for them.
    It helps in knowing how many they are,who are ready to help,what could be their input(s) and what should be the output.
    In due course it helps to identity who would be the role models.
    It also helps to identity the assumptions one may have about the target groups and how often they would need to meet to discuss their progress.
    Generally, it helps in building and sustainance of relationships in an organisation and results into mutual benefits.


  5. Pulkit Biyani

    Rural Healthcare Foundation

    User Rating: 3

    it is an useful toolkit which clearly explains which target group should we choose and what can be done to maintain it.