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DIY is now available in a limited print edition. It contains all the tools and their descriptions, case studies, further background reading, and references.

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  • Home-grown innovation at WFP

    The Mugunga Camp in DR Congo

    By introducing mobile phone surveys, the World Food Programme has improved the way it monitors food security in remote areas. Here, WPF food security analyst Jean-Martin Bauer explains the process behind innovating the organisation’s traditional survey approach.   Innovation has … Continued

  • Innovation Mindset Challenge

    A woodworker

    “A bad workman blames his tools”. We all know the saying.   Yes, having the tools is important. You need them to get started. But you need much more to know why, when and how to use them effectively.   … Continued

  • DIY in print

    image of DIY toolkit book

    We launched the DIY toolkit in March 2014 and the response has been overwhelming. The website has received nearly 180,000 views to date and there is no sign of that enthusiasm fading. This highlights a great deal of demand for … Continued