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DIY is now available in a limited print edition. It contains all the tools and their descriptions, case studies, further background reading, and references.

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  • Innovation key to growth in developing world


    The latest report from the OECD’s Perspectives on Global Development series has highlighted innovation as one of the crucial drivers for boosting productivity and growth in developing and emerging nations.

  • Social Design Talk 16: Designing social design toolkits

    During this Social Design Talk on 7 April 2014, three of the key people involved in the DIY Toolkit will reflect on the challenges they encountered in designing and prototyping something created to work in many different contexts of use, shaped by different political, cultural and organizational factors.


  • Innovation Mindset Challenge

    A woodworker

      “A bad workman blames his tools”. We all know the saying.   Yes, having the tools is important. You need them to get started. But you need much more to know why, when and how to use them effectively. … Continued

  • DIY in print

    image of DIY toolkit book

      We launched the DIY toolkit in March 2014 and the response has been overwhelming. The website has received nearly 180,000 views to date and there is no sign of that enthusiasm fading. This highlights a great deal of demand … Continued

  • Insuring for social impact


    How can we unlock funds to speed up impact investment in emerging markets? Here Jon Huggett, founder of Third Foundation and chair of the Social Innovation Exchange, introduces a new insurance innovation designed to create social impact in development.   … Continued