Case Studies


  • Innovation key to growth in developing world


    The latest report from the OECD’s Perspectives on Global Development series has highlighted innovation as one of the crucial drivers for boosting productivity and growth in developing and emerging nations.

  • Social Design Talk 16: Designing social design toolkits

    During this Social Design Talk on 7 April 2014, three of the key people involved in the DIY Toolkit will reflect on the challenges they encountered in designing and prototyping something created to work in many different contexts of use, shaped by different political, cultural and organizational factors.


  • Hunting Black Swans


    At the end of June, we visited the UN team in Armenia to run one of our ‘DIY Labs’, where we trial the toolkit and examine its value in practice. Here two of our attendees write about their experience at … Continued

  • Toolkitting transformation

    Toolkitting transformation

    Against the backdrop of unprecedented levels of complexity and urgency, another toolkit might seem a rather insignificant affair.  Yet from a broader perspective, this initiative may grow into an important ‘boundary spanner’ en route to new coalitions, spaces and processes … Continued

  • Be ready to replicate

    Be ready to replicate

    The International Centre for Social Franchising tackles the issue of scale; its mission is to help the most successful social impact projects replicate. Here at ICSF we speak to hundreds of projects about their potential to scale up their impact … Continued