I want to develop a clear plan on how to grow my idea into something bigger.

Business Model Canvas


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CREATED BY : Osterwalder A., Pigneur Y (2010) Business Model Generation.

Level of Involvement

More complex tool that should ideally be done over a few days. Given the strategic nature of the inputs/outputs, this needs consultations with seniors, peers and ideally needs to be revised after a first pass.

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What is it & why should I do it?


The Business Model Canvas is a one page overview that lays out both what you do (or want to do), and how you go about doing it; enabling structured conversations around management and strategy by laying out the crucial activities and challenges involved with your initiative and how they relate to each other. This visual format, first introduced by Osterwalder and Pigneur, is useful for both existing and new organisations and businesses. Existing programmes can develop new initiatives and identify opportunities while becoming more efficient by illustrating potential trade-offs and aligning activities. New programmes can use it to plan and work out how to make their offering real.


The individual elements prompt thoughts within the separate activities or resources, while the capability to have the complete overview encourages fresh perspectives and ideas about how those pieces fit together. This structure also helps to keep group discussions more focused and bring everyone onto the same page.


How do I use it?

Business Model Canvas

To make a Business Model Canvas, the easiest way to start is by filling out what you do. This helps keep the focus on your main goal as you fill out the other building blocks of the canvas. From there you can build on that goal and see how it can be achieved by adding details about the other activities and resources you have.


Start from a blank canvas and add notes with keywords to each building block of the canvas. If you use ‘sticky notes’ for this, you can move ideas around as you fill out each building block in the canvas. You may want to colour-code elements related to a specific client segment.


However, be careful not to fall in love with your first idea and instead sketch out alternative business models for the same product, service, or technology.


You could even practice and learn new ways of doing things by mapping out new/innovative business models that you admire or come across.

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  1. Steven Asei-Dantoni


    User Rating: 5

    Good morning, during my time as a social innovation manager at UNICEF Nicaragua, I used the business model canvas to make important choices. This tool helped us to open the conversation and see more clearly. It really helped us to define a unique value proposition. I worked with a group of kids with absolutely no business experience nor background and it worked. It is intuitive and efficient. I actually mention it on my internship report, and in the case study that you can find on : http://www.sadantoni.com/business-model/ .
    Thank you!
    Steven Asei Dantoni


  2. Denise


    User Rating: 5

    I do like the lay-out.
    Unfortunately the description of “What do you do” in the top figure is the same as the description of “Who will help you”.


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      User Rating: 5

      Thank you for letting us know Denise! Fortunately the error was only on the image, not the actual pdf download, but we’ve now updated the image so that is correct too.


  3. Sam Daines

    International Baccalaureate

    User Rating: 5

    If you like this tool, you should *definitely* see the Value Proposition Canvas from the same people.


  4. Remi

    Business Model Forecast

    User Rating: 5

    The Busines Model Canvas is a really good tool to help entrepreneurs building the global vision of their business. Its simplicity helps to focuse on the big picture. It lacks though of some dynamic to test financial consequences. I can recommend to do some quick financial forecast with this free ans easy tool to test and improve a business model : http://www.businessmodelforecast.com/


  5. Javed Iqbal


    User Rating: 5

    That’s awesome.


  6. Lauren

    User Rating: 4

    This is a great organizing tool to use before and/or during board meetings to reflect on performance and plan ahead for sustainability and effectiveness.


  7. Kenraphs


    User Rating: 4

    A good tool


  8. Charles Fancis

    Clean All Concepts

    User Rating: 5

    Very innovative.Well structured for business success.