I want to develop a clear plan by improving upon what I’ve done before.

Learning Loop


INSPIRED BY : IDEO (2011) Deliver: Create a learning plan, p145. In: IDEO, Human Centered Design Toolkit. Edition – 2. London: IDEO.


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Fairly simple, self administered tool, needs relatively less time.

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What is it & why should I do it?


The Learning Loop is a tool that helps you to define how the work you do now informs what you do next. It provides a high-level perspective on how implementing social change can be broken down into a gradual process of iterative cycles.


The worksheet, inspired by the Learning Plan from IDEO (2011), describes four different stages that your work might pass through in a cycle of continual improvement. Using this tool can help understand the different phases involved when trying to implement your ideas. By reflecting on the process involved, it can help you to understand what to do next. Learning is an ongoing cyclical process.


How do I use it?

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This tool offers you a framework to plan with and work in. Each of the four components relate to the methods, systems and processes that your organisation works with. It helps you check whether your organisation actually learns from its experiences (both success and failure) and is improving continuously.


Use the Learning Loop worksheet to make notes in each of the four quadrants. There is no strict start or end to this process – you could use the worksheet to plan a new project or make notes on a current project. Essentially the learnings you gain by collecting stories, feedback or outcomes will help you to reconsider and improve the next steps in your process.



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